Joy on the back of a beat-up Bantam

The Word Riders experienced several heart-warming and memorable moments today whilst visiting schools in the small towns of Uniondale, Willowmore and Aberdeen.

Bibles of their very own

At one school, Bennie Francke met a most gracious principal.

“There was this beautiful red stoep, and I noticed that it was particularly shiny. It was the only entrance I saw, so I walked over it, maybe five steps, and entered the principal’s office. When we finished working with the children, I asked him if we could exit the same way we came in, through his office. He said of course,  and added that the paint on the stoep hadn’t  completely dried yet, but he was so glad that our dusty footprints were there because we brought the Good News and now it will always remind him of our visit,” Bennie said.

Koos de Wet shares the love of Jesus with a group of boys.

It was this same principal who also offered to guide the Word Riders to their next school.

“He drives a Bantam bakkie and any child who was willing, jumped onto the back, all of them armed with their new Bibles. We took a drive through the town and those children were waving their Bibles for all to see,” Marius de Kock recalled.

“We were behind the bakkie and whenever there were people along the road the children shouted: ‘We received the Word of God today,’” Maryke de Bruyn added.

The two Can-ams on tour are usually the main attractions at schools. Here Johan Barnard prays with his group.

“You could see the principal’s gratitude. There are really good school principals here, but they are fighting a losing battle so every bit of help that comes their way they appreciate immensely and that warms the heart,” Marius concluded.

Deon Swanepoel leads the children in song.

At another school, Clive van Rooyen had a special word with the principal there.
“He told me there is that story in the Bible of the shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep to go looking for the one lost sheep. He said, ‘Today we feel like that one sheep that was found.’”

These boys couldn’t wait to start reading their new Bibles.

More close calls

In yet another incident, Piet Kemp was knocked off his bike by a vehicle in Graaff-Reinet.

He was knocked out cold, and rushed to the hospital by ambulance, but thankfully didn’t sustain any major injuries. He was back with the group by dinner time and is ok.

Alet Richter has also rejoined the team after her fall on Tuesday evening. She is on crutches, and in much pain after injuring her hamstring, but still helped to distribute Bibles today.

In pain and on crutches but Alet still helps to hand out Bibles.

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