Expanding God’s Kingdom

The 2019 Word Riders tour officially started this morning with members making an appearance at three different churches.

One of the groups attended a service at the Crossroads Christian Fellowship where Rev Hein Barnard, one of the Bible Society’s Organising Secretaries in the Eastern Cape and a newcomer to the Word Riders tour group, led the sermon. His topic was the Kingdom of God and whether its importance receives its rightful place in our lives.

Rev Hein Barnard (centre) was presented with his cap by Bennie and Carina Francke this evening making him a fully fledged Word Rider.

The kingdom of God should be the first thing on our minds in everything we do. Jesus is our King and it is his plans that we should be concerned with, first and foremost. Not our own.

It gives one great joy to think that for the next week the Word Riders will again play their part in expanding God’s kingdom here on earth.

Every kilometre that we ride, every school we visit, every Bible we distribute, and every child’s life that is changed, all of it, is seed that is sown in an effort to expand the kingdom of the King of Kings.

Before the tour had officially started, there were already some incidents. Yet, God has been gracious and merciful.

One of our oldest tour members, Burger van der Westhuizen (75) fell on Saturday night seriously injuring his shoulder.

Initial thoughts were that he suffered a broken collar bone. However, after an overnight stay at the hospital in Port Elizabeth, the doctor concluded that he had torn ligaments in the shoulder.

Despite taking a nasty fall and having his arm in a sling, Burger van der Westhuizen, is excited to complete his fifth Word Riders tour.

Although Burger cannot ride a motorcycle, he is still adamant about being part of the tour, his fifth one to boot. However, he will be travelling snugly in one of the support vehicles.

Word Riders Ian and Mavis Thomas were still on their way to Jeffreys Bay when they discovered their bike had a severely torn tyre. Fortunately, they found a friendly, local motorbike mechanic who could help them replace the tyre and see to it that they get back on the road safely.

Ian Thomas (right) and the friendly motorbike mechanic, Guy, who came to their rescue.

The damaged tyre that had to be replaced.

Either of these two situations had the potential to be life-threathening, yet we believe that the kingdom work the Word Riders are doing is a blessing to others and that God will continue to bless us and keep us safe.

Some of the Word Riders stopped off along the Van Stadens Pass to take a look at the 140 m high Van Stadens Bridge

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